At Summer Wind Stables, we take great pride in the quality of our various camps. We have excellent, well behaved horses. Our teachers are all people who have ridden for years and are skilled at teaching all levels of experience. We have many different ground lessons so our students have a broad knowledge of horse management. Our campers ride 2-2½ hours per day and learn about horse management and care during hands-on ground lessons when not riding. Our educational program is unsurpassed in the northeastern Ohio area.


We own 14 horses so that our students have a variety of riding experiences to achieve the best results possible while participating in our camp program. Summer Camp runs all summer in weekly sessions. Our campers swim midday in our heated swimming pool to cool off after lunch. We group the kids by ability level and keep groups small. Our campers come back year after year and new students take additional weeks of camp because they enjoy it so much. We're pleased to see the wonderful progress the students make as they grow throughout the summer.

2014 Spring Break Camp

Our spring camp will be starting March 14, 2014 and all of April, 2014. Please let us know if your students have breaks at any other time.
 We are very flexible and will try our best to organize camp around your schedule.

Camp Fees are $60 per day
Camp hours are 10:00 A.M. TO 2:00 P.M.
Fees must be prepaid at time of registration. 

We do require a minimum number of students each day and may have to combine the students on fewer days if necessary.
Please let us know if your days are flexible. Thanks.

2014 Holiday Camp

2014 TBA.  Usually we have camp the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the Friday after.  We also will have camp all of winter break.
  Please call for more information.

Camp Fees will be $60 per day
Camp hours are 10:00 A.M. TO 2:00 P.M.
Fees must be prepaid at time of registration.

We do require a minimum number of students each day and may have to combine the students on fewer days if necessary.
Please let us know if your days are flexible. Thanks.

2014 Summer Camp

An opportunity to learn about horses In a safe, relaxed, and fun environment.

June 9th through August 15

Monday through Friday
Ages 5 and up

            Full Day                    Half Day (Morning)          Half Day (Afternoon)
9:00 am – 4:00 PM             9:00 am - 12:00 pm                   1 pm to 4 pm   

Summer Wind Stables’
goal is to foster a love of horsemanship and to teach the proper techniques in caring for our equine friends. Our students will fully appreciate the responsibilities and rewards of being an equestrian and develop a life long respect for horses, while developing self-discipline, patience, perseverance, and self-confidence. Our riders gain a strong foundation that will enable them to succeed at any form of horsemanship they desire!

Our Summer Riding Program offers any number of weeks ranging from one to eight weeks, and may be taken non-consecutively.

        Camp Fees 
                                             Half Day **                                                                            Full Day
 1 week                                  $225                                                                                       $  350
 2 weeks                                 $435                                                                                       $  675
 3 weeks                                 $650                                                                                       $  990
  4 weeks                                 $ 900                                                                                       $1295
  5 weeks                                 $1125                                                                                      $1595
  6 weeks                                 $1350                                                                                      $1890
  7 weeks                                 $1575                                                                                      $2180
  8 weeks                                 $1800                                                                                      $2465
  9 weeks                                 $2025                                                                                      $2750
  10 weeks                                $2250                                                                                      $3025 
Please select the link below to access the Camp Registration form.

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We are now offering new, lower prices for multiple week sessions. The above prices reflect multi-week discounts.
Please sign up for the total weeks desired to receive the multi-week discount.

An additional discount of 10% will be given to 2 or more in the immediate family. Campers who wish to board their horses here for camp please contact Conni for details.

Before and after childcare is available for $8.00 per hour. This must be prearranged and pre-paid before the first day of camp.
Horseback riding and swimming will not be available before and after regular camp hours.

Spring, Winter, Fall One Day Camps

We have a 4-Hour program on any day students have off school. N.E.O.T.A Day, Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, Spring Break, Martin Luther King Day, Presidents Day etc.

The 4-hour program cost $60. Please call us to sign up

Equipment for Rider to Bring Every Day

1. ASTM-SEI approved hunt cap with a safety harness (available to use.)
2. Paddock boots.
3. A notebook and pencil.
4. A water bottle.
5. Snack money.
6. Bathing suit, towel, and thongs
7. Lunch for the all day students
8. Make sure campers bring dry clothes to change after swimming.

Summer Wind Stables Tack and Gift Shoppe
can assist you with a helmet and all other equipment purchases.
We offer a 10% discount in the store for those enrolled in our camp program.

Ground Lessons Will Include the Following
According to Ability
Level Safety on and off the horse Conformation
Bathing Basic Veternary Care
Colors and Markings Parts of the Horse
Selecting a Horse to Purchase Horse Psychology
Trailer Loading Bits and their Uses
Care of the Tack Mane and Tail Pulling and Braiding
Parts of the Saddle and Bridle Lounging Feed and Nutrition
Setting up a Jump Course How to Break Young Horses
Telling Age by Teeth Special Visits from Blacksmith, Vet, and Equine Dentist
Horse Vices Grooming and Tacking the Horse Properly
Horse Shoeing Restraining Horses
How a Saddle is Made Vaulting
Diseases and Injuries How a Saddle is Made
Emergency Procedures Preparing for a Show
Learning about Cross Country Riding a Cross Country Course

Learning about eventing, dressage, and hunter shows

Special activities on Fridays, including shows

The Difference between Cross Country, Hunter and Jumper


Field trips during some of the weeks, and swimming will also be available

Don’t forget to visit our Tack and Gift Shoppe!