Catch The Breeze

December 2010

It is hard to believe the holiday season is upon us again, and 2010 is almost over.  This year went so fast!

We have been really busy.  Dan and Janet and the Summer Wind Freedom Riders Equestrian team have been meeting weekly and having riding and non mounted meetings.  Dan and Janet have done a fabulous job with the group.  One of the parent's just told me they love to go to the meetings because of what she has learned!  That is wonderful!  We had a very successful Halloween show that has become an annual event here at Summer Wind.

We went to mini events this summer.  Andrea and Sarah and Jessi showed Spirit, Kashmir, and Khloe this summer eventing, and have continued on this fall at the local jumper shows.

Jessi and Sarah have done a wonderful job working with Kashmir.  The progress they have made since March is so unbelievably awesome.  I am amazed at every show how much a team Sarah and Kashmir are.  Thanks Grace for sharing such a wonderful horse!!

Jessi has fallen in love with Khloe and they have made tons of progress also.  Khloe loves the attention and improves with every show.

We welcome Robin and Mason and Robin's family to Summer Wind.  We are looking forward to working with Robin and Mason, and since Robin loves Dante I am sure he is happy to have her here too!!

Annie took a big step and upon a call from Dr. Shell one fine November morning decided to become the proud owner of a gorgeous mare right off the track.  Dr Shell was totally right about this mare's personality as we soon realized.  She is so smart and well behaved.  She has a strong desire to please.  Annie named her Fiona.

Summer Wind has added three horses to our program.  We are happy to announce:

Levi - Levi is a great addition to our program.  He can do everything, and is an easy going fun to ride Quarter Horse.  He is 16 hands and a beautiful bay.  Annie, Jessi and I went to look at him.  We also had one of our student's Lori active in his purchase.  We are really happy he is with us!!

Sully -  I received a call from a friend of mine who called me 18 years ago about Kirby.  She wanted a good home for a RB she had seen earlier and we went out and picked up Kirby who became my daughter's horse.  My friend ran into Sully's owner and they mentioned they wanted a good home for him, as she was going away to college.  Jessi and I went out to see him, and liked him and felt he would be a great addition to our program.  He just went to his first show and got grand champion out of 25 other riders!  He is a great hunter!

Delta -  I got Delta for me to trail ride.  He is a very quiet gelding who is also gaited.  He still has a great comfortable trot and canter, but I thought he would be fun to ride out in the field.  We had a naming contest and Dana got to name him as I liked the name Delta.

Welcome to all our new students and families.  We are so lucky to have these great people be part of our Summer Wind Family.  Clay and I marvel at how wonderful our business is because of our students, teachers, and families!  Thanks to all who have chosen Summer Wind for their equestrian experience!  We value each and everyone of you!


Spring 2010

Spring has arrived at Summer Wind. The trees and spring flowers are beautiful. The horses are enjoying being outside more and the riders are enjoying riding outside.

Jackie put up a new bulletin board for the Summer Wind Freedom riders and has lots of information on it.  Please stop in and see it.

Susan is back teaching on Tuesdays.  Her little boy keeps her busy, but she is loving being back.  Susan has a great rapport with both riders and horses and works on details important to improve our riders and help our horses do their jobs better.

We have a new instructor for Thursday and Sunday's.  We welcome Jessi.  Jessie comes from a strong hunter/jumper background.  She has a wonderful way of teaching  and can focus on the immediate need of the horse and rider and find a way to improve both!  We are very happy to have her join us.

Andrea will be teaching our summer camp this summer and is teaching on Saturdays.  She just gave Molly her summer clipping and bath.  Molly has her head sticking out the dutch door soaking in the sunshine and warmth!!  Thanks Andrea.  Clipping is truly a job for someone who loves horses....and doesn't mind being itchy for an afternoon!

My son and his friend spent last week residing the front of the barn.  After 18 years the wood needed replacing.  Check out the pictures!

We are looking forward to our students trail riding in the park, going to the eventing trials all summer, and doing some jumper shows.  Our college kids will be home!  Can't wait for them to be here again.

Janet bought horse molds and everyone is going to Dan, Janet, and Jackie's for a picnic and to make chocolates to sell at Horse Fest.  Sounds like a lovely afternoon.

Milly is leaving for her new home this week.  She is being adopted by a family in Chicago.  She will go live with a young boy and be his new best friend.



To all,

We had a great time today. Covered a lot of info and everyone contributed great idea's. Please keep them coming. Below is an outline of everything covered plus tasks that need completed:

Draft Horse Ride:
Everyone is going to participate in the Draft Horse Ride 8-15-2010 @ Lake Farm Parks. Task: Dan and Janet will call this week ...and schedule our group. (see attached "Ride a Draft.pdf")

Horse Fest:
Starting this week we need poster, flier and letter idea's by this Saturday. Also, this coming Saturday @ 2:00 for 15-20 minutes the clubbers are going to meet to update the bulletin board and put news letter idea's together. After that we'll work on getting organized for the horse fest May 22nd and 23rd. We will be selling raffle tickets, Summer Wind Stable store items and will have a donation box for our club. Task: All clubbers bring your donation box supplies and poster art supplies. It would be great if you can stay until 5:00.

On Saturday May 29th we are having the raffle along with pony rides and picture's. Jessica's checking with her dad to see if he will cater a simple luncheon menu and we will also provide a barn tour with the clubbers acting as guides. Sunday May 16th we will start planning on June's raffle. Junes raffle ideas discussed are; Jen's new stuffed horse along with a grooming kit. We are looking at a kids kit and/or a teen-to-adult kit that would be raffled with the stuffed horse (or separate?). We will sell May's raffle tickets at the Horse Fest and display the saddle pad being raffled. June's raffle will be advertised at the Horse Fest. Task: The clubbers will shop Conni's store for Junes raffle on May 16th.

Pony Clubbers Jobs:
Jackie is responsible for the barn bulletin board, Michelle is doing the news letter and fliers, Anna is doing the spokesperson who will write cover letters and Jessica is going to be the pony club reporter. Task: Jackie, Michelle, Anna and Jessica need to prepare for this coming Saturday's meeting.

Family Night:
We are having "Equestrian Team - Family Night" at Dan and Janet's house Sunday May 16th. We'll grill hamburger and hot dogs, but first meet at the barn 2:00 to get the June raffle items together. We'll take the raffle stuff to Dan and Janet's to put together. We also plan on making chocolate and biscotti treats". Parents: Please RSVP me and Janet. Anna will get the biscotti ingredients.

Mounted Ranger Presentation:
Justine and a coworker have agreed to come to the barn June 12th to do a mounted ranger presentation. They will be bringing their horse and be in full mounted dress. This will be a very fun opportunity for everyone interested. Task: Conni will be advertising in local paper. We want everyone to actively advertise this event. Word-of-mouth is the best advertising.

Our goal is to do the D1 rating (Jen and Anna) May 30th. All clubbers will than go for D2 rating in August. Task: Conni to contact Bath to arrange visit to the barn for D1 rating. Dan and Janet need to give Jen and Anna D1 rating prep info which will include the needed tack, etc.

We are planning on having a June 19th show. Task: All members and Conni to decide on events for judging. Need Susan, Jessi(?) and Andrea to help with this show.

Calendar of Events: Attached are May and June's scheduled events. Soon to come will be July and August...

Last, but not least we would like to announce Jessica Dietrich has joined our equestrian team. Welcome to the team!!!

Thanks for everyone's involvement and support!