Horses for Sale

We often sell our horses to our students.

  Beau was sold last summer to the Dorsey family.  He loves his new work and the Janet, Dan and Jackie love working with him.  They have been working on flat work which they learned with Annamarie and perfected with Sid.

Spirit was purchased by Andrea who has ridden here since she was 9 years old.  Andrea is now in college and still riding Spirit.  She is home almost every weekend and can enjoy Spirit when she is home.

JR is out in Neveda with Annamarie.  They were a great team, and JR has learned much from Annamarie.

Good Luck to all our horses and riders!  We are glad they have owners who love them!

Peakabo: Tara has been part of our lesson program since she was a little girl. She fell in love with Peakabo and we sold her to Tara.

We are so happy that Tara and Peakabo have each other and it is another match made in heaven!!

was purchased by Annie. Annie is a nurse from Hillcrest who helps us with feeding and maintenance in the barn. She has been a wonderful addition to our “Family” and we all adore her.

She is a second mom to the kids in the barn and is loved by all. Annie developed a special relationship with Diamond, and when we decided to sell him she was the first in line!! Congratulations Diamond and Annie. A match made in heaven!!

Donated Horses:

Over the last few years we have chosen to donate horses to rescues.

The rescue finds a suitable home for the horse, and gets a few dollars for their rescue. The horse comes back to the rescue if that new owner can no longer keep the horse.

We know that the rescue is very careful not to allow any harm to come to the horse.

Last year Black Jack, Murphy, and Tico went to the rescue. Bj, and Murphy have gone to their new home, and Tico is in a foster home waiting for permanent placement.

All are doing fabulously and we are thrilled they have found new families.