Dante is a 20 year old, 16.1hh, chestnut gelding. A quarter horse, he has been at Summer Wind for many years and has been a favorite of many, many riders. He has shown Hunters and Eventing, and has proven himself in both disciplines.  He has fox hunted and loves to go on trail. He loves his work, what ever that may be on any given day.  He is easy to deal with on the ground, and has been a definite asset to our lesson program.


Leo is a 24 year old appendix gelding who loves to jump. He has always been our lead horse in the event fields. He will go out there and jump any cross country jump, and the other horses will follow him. He has a wonderful, smooth canter and trot, and loves to go out on trail to the park!


Kirby has been on the farm 22 of his 24 years.  We got him the year we opened, for our daughter, Katie.  He is the sweetest horse and has a very kind eye and face.  He is super comfortable and can give our advanced riders a little challenge, but is also growing to be a wonderful beginner horse in his old age. He has been a favorite of the farm.  We saved him from who-knows-what fate when he was just a colt and he has never forgotten that.
We had a horse a few years back, named Oscar, who was a grey arab gelding.  He was so wonderful that we went looking for another.  We were lucky enough to find another, and we named him Felix after the Odd Couple.  Felix has done it all.  Eventing, hunter shows, trail riding, lessons.  He loves his job and his tail swiches back and forth happily the whole time he is working.  He can take a beginner and show them how it is done!  Sometime soon we need to go find us another Felix!


Toby is a favorite of the ladies in the barn.  He gives everyone confidence.  He loves to show.  He is great with beginners and advanced riders.  He can do it all, and is very flashy for the show ring. 


Let us not forget the horses that have been our friends from years gone past.  Some have crossed the rainbow bridge, some have been retired and have new families.  Students of Summer Wind will remember the good times we had with Black Jack, Murphy, Missy, Chica, Oscar, Happy, Dusty, Belle. 

Black Jack is living in Sandusky with a wonderful lady.  He is giving much happiness to his new owner.  Happy still lives with Mitch and is turning 33 this year.  He looks great.  He has lost his vision in one eye, but still gets around and is very happy at Mitch's.  Oscar and Dusty are  living on a great farm in Aurora.  They have acres of pasture.  When we dropped them off there I think they thought they had gone to Heaven with all the grass there was to munch on.

Murphy went to the same farm as Black Jack in Sandusky.  We got a sad email last fall that he had passed over the Rainbow Bridge.  He had several wonderful years there at the farm and I was very grateful that they loved him as much as we did.  We lost Missy last year too.  It was a very sad day here at Summer Wind.  She was the first school horse bought just for the business. The little mare lived a long and happy life...she was 45 when she passed!  Clay and Missy spent a lot of time together at pony rides and hundreds of little children thought of Missy as "their" pony. 


                                                        BLACK JACK AND DANTE











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