Pony Club

Pony Club
         Our club has 9 members and have decided to call themselves the Summer Wind Freedom Riders. We meet every Saturday morning at 9:30 for a mix of ground lessons, and riding lessons.  

 We are very flexible and if you would like to join our pony club but  Saturday's don't work for you, call and let me know.

Pony Club has rally's instead of shows.  Quiz rally is similar to the academic challenge seen on TV.  We also plan on going to the show jumping rally, dressage rally, and the d rally, and the games rally. The d rally is  a combined training event with horsemanagement included.   Our members are also working on obtaining the knowledge they will need for their ratings so they can rate higher this spring.

The group is planning many educational events that will be open to the public all summer and fall with interesting speakers and demonstrators.  Please check back for our activities as we have the dates firmed up.

The Summer Wind Freedom Riders are also planning many fun outings as a group.

You can join our Summer Wind Freedom Riders as junior members for $45 for a year.  You can partake in our stable activities until you are ready to join Pony Club.

Our pony club is open to new members. Come and Join us! Our group is very enthusiastic and working very hard and having lots of fun.

Jackie put up a new bulletin board at the farm and has all kinds of educational and informational news on the board.  Please stop in and have a look.  Thanks Jackie for taking on that project....It looks awesome!

Spring/Summer 2010 Newsletter:

To all,

We had a great time today. Covered a lot of info and everyone contributed great idea's. Please keep them coming. Below is an outline of everything covered plus tasks that need completed:

Draft Horse Ride:
Everyone is going to participate in the Draft Horse Ride 8-15-2010 @ Lake Farm Parks. Task: Dan and Janet will call this week ...and schedule our group. (see attached "Ride a Draft.pdf")

Horse Fest:
Starting this week we need poster, flier and letter idea's by this Saturday. Also, this coming Saturday @ 2:00 for 15-20 minutes the clubbers are going to meet to update the bulletin board and put news letter idea's together. After that we'll work on getting organized for the horse fest May 22nd and 23rd. We will be selling raffle tickets, Summer Wind Stable store items and will have a donation box for our club. Task: All clubbers bring your donation box supplies and poster art supplies. It would be great if you can stay until 5:00.

On Saturday May 29th we are having the raffle along with pony rides and picture's. Jessica's checking with her dad to see if he will cater a simple luncheon menu and we will also provide a barn tour with the clubbers acting as guides. Sunday May 16th we will start planning on June's raffle. Junes raffle ideas discussed are; Jen's new stuffed horse along with a grooming kit. We are looking at a kids kit and/or a teen-to-adult kit that would be raffled with the stuffed horse (or separate?). We will sell May's raffle tickets at the Horse Fest and display the saddle pad being raffled. June's raffle will be advertised at the Horse Fest. Task: The clubbers will shop Conni's store for Junes raffle on May 16th.

Pony Clubbers Jobs:
Jackie is responsible for the barn bulletin board, Michelle is doing the news letter and fliers, Anna is doing the spokesperson who will write cover letters and Jessica is going to be the pony club reporter. Task: Jackie, Michelle, Anna and Jessica need to prepare for this coming Saturday's meeting.

Family Night:
We are having "Equestrian Team - Family Night" at Dan and Janet's house Sunday May 16th. We'll grill hamburger and hot dogs, but first meet at the barn 2:00 to get the June raffle items together. We'll take the raffle stuff to Dan and Janet's to put together. We also plan on making chocolate and biscotti treats". Parents: Please RSVP me and Janet. Anna will get the biscotti ingredients.

Mounted Ranger Presentation:
Justine and a coworker have agreed to come to the barn June 12th to do a mounted ranger presentation. They will be bringing their horse and be in full mounted dress. This will be a very fun opportunity for everyone interested. Task: Conni will be advertising in local paper. We want everyone to actively advertise this event. Word-of-mouth is the best advertising.

Our goal is to do the D1 rating (Jen and Anna) May 30th. All clubbers will than go for D2 rating in August. Task: Conni to contact Bath to arrange visit to the barn for D1 rating. Dan and Janet need to give Jen and Anna D1 rating prep info which will include the needed tack, etc.

We are planning on having a June 19th show. Task: All members and Conni to decide on events for judging. Need Susan, Jessi(?) and Andrea to help with this show.

Calendar of Events: Attached are May and June's scheduled events. Soon to come will be July and August...

Last, but not least we would like to announce Jessica Dietrich has joined our equestrian team. Welcome to the team!!!

Thanks for everyone's involvement and support!