At our facilities, students can enjoy many various activities in horsemanship. We ride hunter, jumper, dressage, eventing, trail riding for our regular students, hunter paces and some western. We believe that a well rounded, multi-faceted experience is important and we strive to expose our riders to a variety of safe and fun horse activities. We have schooling shows here at Summer Wind and we also travel to local and away shows. 
    Summer Wind also has a wonderful tack shoppe, filled with all of your equine necessities and the latest selection of gifts and “fun stuff” you can imagine. Our regular students, boarders and campers receive a discount in our tack shoppe.
     At Summer Wind Stables, your boarded horse will be well cared for with attention given to its every need including personal attention and quality feed. We treat each horse as though it was our own. We are happy to say we enjoy an excellent repution for providing exceptional horse care.
       Summer Wind can also visit your home with our ponies and horses for a party. Let your friends and family know! We would love to be invited to your next party! 

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Summer Wind Stables, Tack and Gift Shoppe has professional staff both in the stable and in the shoppe to see to your needs; whether it be your equine education, caring for your horse or helping you find the right items to purchase. Our goal is to foster a life-long love of horses and to teach respect and proper care of our equine friends. Through the years, we have watched as our students learn to fully appreciate the responsibilities and rewards of being an equestrian. We teach our students how a horse thinks and how to become “one” with the horse. 
    Summer Wind students will learn every aspect of horseback riding and caring for the horse. Our stable enjoys an excellent reputation for safety. With that in mind, our students learn all the basics: grooming, tacking, feeding, cleaning stalls, bathing the horse and cleaning and conditioning their equipment. As students progress, they will learn to work with a young horse, lunging, trailer loading and setting jump courses. Our students learn how to detect medical problems in horses and how to care for them.

    Individual attention will be given to ensure that students will learn at their own experience level and within their own time frame. Our riding program can help timid children learn to become more confident and assertive. Learning to ride and work with a horse proficiently gives horse lovers of all ages a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. Safety is our first priority. The newest standard ASTM-SEI approved helmets are provided and must be worn by all students. A boot with a heel and a hard toe is also necessary. 
    Summer Wind Stables' horses are well trained, wise, trustworthy and friendly. They give the students confidence and a sense of security in a short time as the students learn that the horses will listen to them and will be well behaved. We have 14 school horses available for all levels of riding. Our school horses are all show quality, and place in the top ribbons consistently at shows.