is a 27 year old, 15.2hh bay thoroughbred. A beautiful hunter mover, Scooby is as reliable as they come at shows and loves to show off over jumps. A great teacher for the sitting trot (he's bouncy!) he is a staple here at Summer Wind!


is a 31 year old, 15.2hh Thoroughbred. He has been with the Summer Wind Family since he was 3! He was Conni's daughter Katy's first horse, and still a beloved member of the family. In his later years, he has embraced slowing down from his jumping days to teach kids and adults alike to master their trotting and cantering! 

Our Beloved Horses

Summer Wind wouldn't be the same without them

Our horses are very dear to us, they are the hardest, most willing workers in the business! We have countless horses, from the past and present, to thank for their years of hard work and dedication. We ask much of them and they ask for nothing in return but to be loved and cared for. We proudly own 15 lesson horses who offer safe and enjoyable learning for all ability levels.


is a 21 year old, 16hh Hanoverian Warmblood. She boasts a beautiful, powerful stature, yet has a kind, loving personality. She offers a challenge to our advanced riders who feel great reward when they are successful in becoming a team with Khloe.


is a 27 year old, 15.3hh Quarter Horse. He is a staple at Summer Wind and has stolen the hearts of many through the years. An all around guy, Dante will play steady eddy for a new adult or a 50lb child, and has extensive experience in show rings from Eventing to Hunters.


is a 32 year old Appendix. A favorite in the barn, he can help students to master their trot and canter, but still loves to jump. Jumping everything from crossrails to 2'6 courses, Leo still has it and isn't showing an interest in slowing down. He's a master in the show ring and is a great confidence booster!

Summer Wind Stables