Summer Wind Stables

United States Pony Club 

Where it all begins

Summer Wind Pony Club was founded in 2009. We will  join Pony Club established clubs in the tri state area.   We foster a love for horses and our sport, while teaching safe and efficient Horse Management, & broadening our members' riding experiences.

Lucky to be a member of the Tristate region, our members attend numerous rallies, clinics, and certifications throughout the year as a supplement to their normal riding criteria. As a Pony Club Riding Center, we offer the use of Summer Wind's school horses to enable kids who do not own their own mount, or do not have the ability to lease a mount, to participate in Pony Club. Many of our members take advantage of this wonderful program.

We offer two levels of Pony Club at Summer Wind Stables: kids can participate in the National Pony Club, compete at Rallies, participate in Certifications, and attend Regional clinics. We also offer what we refer to as our 'Junior Pony Club'. Through the Junior Club, we offer the same Horse Management education and Riding enhancement, at a lower cost with less pressure to perform. Members of the Junior Club attend weekly meetings, receive the same study materials, and participate in Summer Wind's Pony Club activities, without participating at Pony Club activities outside Summer Wind Stables. We encourage younger, more beginner riders to get their feet wet in the Pony Club world by participating in our Junior Club for a season, then hit the ground running the next season as a member of the National Club!