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The History of

Willow's Run Westies

I hesitate to take this off....I love the story, but Brady has since passed at 12.5 years old.  Lily is 12 now, and doing well.  I have her two daughters who had litters, but they are 9 and 7, and are retired from breeding.  They each had a few litters of beautiful puppies, and I have made life log friends with they families!    So no more puppies here.  I wish I could still provide such gorgeous well behaved puppies, I was so proud of, but out time for that is over.  

In 1988 we got our first West Highland White Terrier. I read a little about the breed, and she was going to be our first inside dog after having our family. We have allergies and heard the westies don't shed and are non allergic dogs. I had been trying to get the westie referral person in my area to tell me about some westies without much luck. I think my 5 young children and non fenced in yard had something to do with it. I was very persistent though and one day called at the right time. Marge, the referral person, told me that a lady from Kentucky was going to Mansfield, Ohio for a show and had a female westie available.

I immediately called her and she told me to meet her in Mansfield in a few hours. I gathered up my children, called my sister in law to drive with me, and off we went to pick up the new addition to our family. When we picked her up, she was in the middle of a show area with a room full of westie show dogs. It was quite foreign to me although now it is fun since I have shown my last two westies.

We spoke a few minutes and she handed me a 12 week old westie puppy who we named Willow because her father was Merlin the Magician and the movie Willow had come out and my kids picked that name. Willow was a great westie. I went on Morning Exchange with Fred Griffith when the AKC show was in town because the Westie people thought she was such a great looking westie. She became the love of my life, (besides my children and husband, and extended family) but dog lovers know what I mean. She was my dog love of my life. She was my constant companion, always following me around all day, and laying down where ever I was. She had several wonderful litters of puppies, and we kept a little girl from her first litter. Her name was Deserie. Her puppies were also top quality westies. Willow lived to be almost 17. I still miss her all the time. Our third Westie was Sedona, and when she passed away we were a home with no westie in it. We had a mini pincher, my son wanted a "real" dog.....guess he did not think westie's were real dogs...

The mini pincher, Snoop, was very sad as was I without our westie friends. We started looking for Willow's bloodline online. We tracked down her bloodline in Texas, and for an afternoon, I planned to fly to Texas and pick up two female westies. Then the owner wanted to keep them longer to determine which would be better for showing. We were devastated. A dog toy distributor came into our tack shop one day, and I was telling her about my westies, and she said she had a good friend that had a westie, and she would tell her about me. The gal with the westie turned out to be in our northeastern westie club. She called one of the board members who knew me. When she called me and told me there were puppies in Pittsburgh, Pa area I was thrilled. I promptly called two different gals in the area and found out that they also had Willow's blood line. I was so excited I could not wait to go see them.

We went the following weekend. Sharon had Willow's great-nephew. I wanted to show him and he was really the only one of her dogs that could be shown, besides her female that she kept. We brought "Brady" home with us that night, and we just adore him. He is a smart, loving, dedicated friend just like his Aunt Willow was. By the way Snoop is now 20 years old.  

He is from the old Duncun blood lines that are larger westies. He showed at 1.5 years old, and finished in 5 weekend shows. He went to Montgomery that year, which is a large terrier show. He really should have won the first day, and I believe because of a conflict with my handler (he had his girlfriend take Brady in the class, and they came running over late) he placed second. The next day on Sunday he was also second which I was pleased with because the dog that won first was handled by a well known handler and had a lot more show experience. The judge said the only think that made him second was his tail was not as straight as the dog that won first. We showed Brady a little more after that, and have now retired him with his championship status.

Cheryl, a friend of Sharon's and Kathy, another friend, that all show together, had a litter of puppies in 2008. We have a little girl from that litter, and named her Angel Lily. She is an angel. She is beautiful, sweet, so well behaved. Both their coats are beautiful. She has a thick, straight, hard coat. She has her grandmother, Angel, sweet little face. The two westies, and our mini pin love to play.

We feed them all a raw food diet, and they could not be healthier or happier. They spend the day with me in the store. Both know how to sit up on their hind legs, and beg, and/or do high five for a treat. I can teach them a trick in 5 minutes they are so smart. We would like to breed Brady to the right females. I treasure this bloodline, and would like to breed if it was a breeding that would be up to the standard of the bloodline. We plan on breeding Lily in the next year also and having a litter of puppies, and keeping one of her girls.